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The international transport of animals requires a lot of care to meet the sanitary requirements, fiscal and cultural capital of the country of origin, and destination. In addition, follow all airline regulations and IATA (International Air Transport Association) which regulates the air sector worldwide.

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For the animal to enter the Brazil is required to forty or sanitary isolation in the country of origin, carried out the laboratory tests that will attest to your pet’s health. We work in partnership with various quarantine centers around the world, which perform quarantines for Olympic teams, Equestrian competitions, fairs, exhibitions and other major events of the equestrian sector.

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Animal Genetics

Live load Export makes all the international logistics of elite animals with high genetic value (horses, pigs, cattle and other ruminants) and animal reproduction material (semen, embryos, eggs).

We perform even the export and import of GM animals and biological material of animal origin.

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