About us

Carga Viva Export is a Brazilian company, for over20 years in the animal (pets, horses, pigs, cattle and other ruminants) and genetic material (semen, embryos, fertile eggs and animals that are GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)) international transport market. We provide complete and personalized assistance for each type of animal species.

We operate in all sectors of the export and import process. We perform the 'door-to-door' process (from the country of origin to the country of destination), the planning and execution of international logistics according to your needs, document issuance, health and government certificates, and we also take care of all the boarding/landing details.

We follow international standards and laws for animal transport anywhere in the world. We partner with companies in the same industry across 90+ countries, and also with logistics companies.x By that, we achieve lower cost and high quality service , making the operation feasible for you and mainly ensuring your pet's welfare.


Our director and veterinarian, Dr. Sandro Cancian (CRMV-SP 16283) (Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine), is certified by IATA (International Air Transport Association) and the company Carga Viva Export is a IPATA (International Pet And Animal Transportation Association) and ATA (Animal Transportation Association) member.
ATA and IPATA are associations created by animal transport companies like us, airlines and shipping companies, government agencies, freight forwarders, universities, research centers and veterinarians. These partnerships provide quality during the transportation execution, performed by professionals with experience and excellence. IPATA has more than 485 member offices across 90 countries. Carga Viva Export is one of these offices.
The associations certify the company's suitability and ensure that we comply with the rules and regulations for animal welfare. We know how to transport every animal species, anywhere in the world, correctly and safely.

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