Travel Kennel

The right choice of travel kennel will ensure safety and welfare to your pet, avoiding inconveniences during the boarding. There are many brands in the market. We recommend the Vari Kennel model (manufacturer: Petmate), an international reference approved by the airlines. The Vari Kennel has superior quality and presents better ventilation, comfort and safety to the animal. Our partner, the Animal Fun store, has all sizes of kennels and soft sided carriers for transport in the cargo compartment and cabin.

*Unapproved or inferior quality kennel brands are constantly refused by airlines at the boarding time, which can lead to missed flights and extra expenses.


  • The animal should be able to freely make a 360ºturn inside the kennel;
  • When the animal is seated, its head must not touch the ceiling, and there must be a gap of approximately 10 cm (between the head and the ceiling);
  • The kennel needs windows or ventilation holes on its sides and bottom;
  • The kennel has to be mounted with screws, not with plastic latches;
  • The door must be made of metal with a 2- or 3-point locking and anti-leak latch;
  • The kennel cannot have wheels;
  • The material requires quality and strength;
  • The model must comply with the IATA (International Air Transport
    Association) requirements.

*In cases which the airline considers the breed to be dangerous or aggressive, it may require the travel kennel to be made of industrialized wood or metal. Carga Viva Export also supplies these kennels. Carga Viva Export also supplies these kennels.



The kennel size depends on the species, breed, age and the pet's size.

Height: The animal must be seated. You will measure from the top of the head to the floor.

Length: The animal with all four legs on the ground should be measured from the nose tip to the tail base

**For snub nosed breeds (brachycephalics) a larger kennel is recommended. If you have followed the above guidelines, and the pet fits into the 300 numbered kennel, it is recommended that you buy the 400 numbered one, one number up. This ensures better ventilation, safety, and comfort when transporting brachycephalic breeds.


For international transport, the kennel must have the absorbent hygienic mat, the drinking and feeding trough. All these items are supplied and installed by Carga Viva Export at the airport of origin.

We recommend  that the diet and hydration must not be altered because of the trip.

The feeding and watering troughs are attached to the door and will be stocked while the pet is with our staff. In transit/stopover cases, refueling will be done by the airline.

It is recommended that the owner provide a certain amount of feed, to which the animal is already used to, for it to be fed.


It is important for you to know that toys, treats, leads, collars, clothes, bows, beds, pillows, and other objects are not allowed on the animal's body or in the kennel.They will be removed by customs.