Carga Viva Export handles all the international logistics

Elite animals with high genetic value (horses, pigs, cattle and other ruminants) and also animal reproduction material (semen, embryos and fertile eggs). We also export and import genetically modified animals (GMO) and biological material of animal origin. We serve researchers, universities, and public and private institutions.

Our Advisory Board

  • Logistics planning and execution
  • Certificates and reports issuance
  • Veterinary Services
  • Provision of the packaging or container approved by the Airline
  • Air and road freight
  • Export and Import Licenses
  • Enabling and doing quarantine
  • Clearance (origin and destination)
  • Handling at the airport
  • Radar Habilitation - Siscomex (Internal Revenue Service)


We do all the international logistics, from the reproduction center to your property

We are Qualified

If you invest in cattle breeding and equine breeding, you know the importance of genetic improvement.