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Carga Viva Export participates in special projects for the preservation and conservation of animal species.

Do you know the largest Natural History Museum in Brazil?

Carga Viva Export carried out the collection transfer from Europe to the Brazilian Museum of Natural History, which is located at the Zooparque in Itatiba/SP. We brought all the exhibits.

We are very proud to contribute to the education, science, and leisure of so many people!


Carga Viva Export was very happy with this partnership for valuing the conservation and preservation of species.

We brought two bull sharks from the United States to the Oceanic Aquarium in BalneárioCamboriú/SC.

Hortência and Oscar

The giraffe couple came to Brazil from Austria in 2017.

They live in the Zooparque of Itatiba/SP and have already had a puppy in Brazilian lands.

Brazil and Chile cooperation

Carga Viva Export executed the transport of 3 bird species - Ema, Guará and Ibis - from Brazil to Chile.
This is a species preservation cooperation project between the zoos in Pomerode (Santa Catarina) and the BuinZoo (Santiago).

African Lions in Brazilian lands

Carga Viva Export participated in an important conservation project, transporting 4 African lions from Portugal to Brazil. The felines live at Pomerode Zoo/SC

Fantástico - O Show da Vida, reported the entire trip! Watch the video HERE.

Exporting 719 animals to a farm in Africa

A farm in Equatorial Guinea, Africa, imported 719 animals from Brazil, including sheep, goats, cattle, and rabbits. Carga Viva Export transported all the animals on a chartered flight, which also carried feed, vaccines, and medicines.

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